Monday, June 29, 2009

Product Review: MobiCam AV

For the past week now I've been using the MobiCam AV video monitor in the kiddos room thanks to Andrea for Mobi! I'm going to be writing a more detailed review on Multiples and More soon, but I thought I'd give this product a quick shout out on here first. Here's what the camera looks like...
Pretty cool, huh? The camera fits virtually anywhere, and you can move the lens in pretty much any direction that you need. I can capture the entire nursery on this camera and the picture is insanely good. It's not gritty and does not wave in and out which I was concerned about. Another plus is that when the room is dark the camera automatically switches to night vision. I'm not going lie, it is semi-creepy when you see four glowing eyes looking around the room.

Another great feature on the camera is that you can set it to only turn on when there is a noise in the room. I love this feature because it helps save the battery on the monitor. Plus, you immediately notice the monitor when the screen illuminates, that way you don't just tune it out.

I really wish I would have had this monitor when the kiddos were really little, well I probably would have had two when they were really little. It would have saved a ton of trips in the nursery to check on them!

Thanks again Andrea for sending this over! Be sure to check out Multiples and More when we do our review!

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