Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What chapter would I find that in?

We had another really chill day today. Scott was gone for most of the morning/early afternoon so it was nice (no offense) to have some time alone with the kiddos. I miss our routine and alone time (again, no offense Scott). So where was Scott you ask? Well he had to take the Criminal Justice Basic Abilities test today because he is in the running for a sponsorship with Orange County. This is something he has always wanted to do, but never pursued because he didn't want to take the pay cut. Now is the perfect time for him to follow through on his dream, and I couldn't be prouder of him (is it prouder or more proud?). He passed the test with a 96%, which in case it wasn't obvious, is an amazing score! He is actually being processed rather quickly, which is exciting. He also has an interview on Monday, so fingers/toes/eyes/any other appendage crossed!

After Scott got home we needed to do a quick Walmart run and the kiddos got a new DVD, The Wiggles Go Bananas. What's great about this DVD is that a portion of the proceeds go to UNICEF. And as an added bonus Kylie Minogue makes a special appearance as the Pink Wiggle.

So then, my graceful daughter, hit her head on God only knows what and has a giant...excuse me...GINORMOUS bump/knot on her head. I'm hoping it goes down quickly because it is smack dab in the middle of her forehead. She also started grinding her teeth today. Seriously that is nails on a chalkboard for me, I wanted to lose my mind! UHHH! Hopefully that doesn't continue.

Aaron was super whiny today. I think he's getting his remaining three molars, plus a couple more teeth all at once. This would explain the river of drool on his shirt and sheets. Oh his sheets are gross, I almost have to change them daily because of the drool, it is disgusting. I don't remember reading that chapter in What to Expect, I'm just saying.

So that's about it over here. Hope you had a great Wednesday!


monica said...

Yes the grinding of the teeth drives me crazy...just not good! Good luck to scott!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Ah, yes, the teeth grinding stage. Emma did the same thing at about Jill's age. When she started I would give her a biters biscuit. It drove me crazy. She stopped about a few weeks later.
Best of luck to Scott!

Melissa said...

That's great news about Scott. Good Luck! And Taylor went through a grinding teeth phase and it only lasted a few days. It is an awful sound!

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