Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thankgiving Thursday


Yes, it is finally Thursday! This week I am thankful for....

  • Scott and the fact that I have gotten to sleep in pretty much every morning since he's been home.
  • Scott not hitting my back to be funny :)
  • All the support we have around us
  • My kiddos having the craziest personalities that constantly have me laughing!
  • The Wiggles. You are like crack to my children, and I am totally ok with that.
  • My sunburn almost being gone.
  • MoM's only day at the beach!
  • The creepy guy telling me I was turning into a lobster, otherwise who knows how long we would have stayed in the water!
  • Nicole sending over her new books, Scenarios for Girls "Truth or Dare" and "All that Glitters". I think it's awesome I got to be one of the firsts to read it and be able to write a review. Click HERE and HERE to preorder yours for your tweens!
  • Being able to be apart of Multiples and More. It was definitely a thought I had for a while and without Lani, I don't know if it would have happened so quickly. You rock Lani :)
Play along with Nicole at What a trip! And be sure to check out our Shout Out of the Week on Multiples and More, she's from Chicago and HILARIOUS!


Tina said... sounds like you have lots to be thankful for!

monica said...

Great list of things to be thankful for! Glad that your sunbrun is going away...that is always good!

Elle Bee said...

Oh I love this! What a neat way to count our blessings once a week. Thanks for sharing.

Following Him said...

What a GREAT list! I can't wait to finish Nicole's books...they are awesome! Have a wonderful Thursday!

Nicole O'Dell said...

Great list!! I love the idea of MoM only day at the beach! Fun!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Thursday!

Oh, and thanks for the plug. ;)

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

Ha, the boys just picked out their first wiggles video today. When I told my husband he responded with "you didn't let them rent it did you???" So funny. Apparently he is not into watching 4 adult men dance around ;)

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