Friday, July 31, 2009

The Grocery Game

Today I did some much needed grocery shopping. Now that we're on a tight budget I kind of like grocery shopping (weird, right?). It has definitely turned into a game of how many things can I throw in my cart and keep it at $100 or less? Today I definitely impressed Scott! I made a quick run to Winn-Dixie because they had chicken breast and pork chops buy one get one free (I KNOW!) so I had to stock up. I walked out with 6 lbs of chicken breast and 12 pork chops for $20, yup $20. Then I headed over to Sweetbay and stuffed my cart to the max and just hit $100. So yeah I spent a little more this week, but I won't have to buy meat for a while, so it all works out in the long run :)

I made the kiddos a new dinner this evening, blue corn chip crusted tilapia. I got the recipe from (we just featured them on Multiples and More). I need to work on my "crusting" skills as you can see in the photo....

But Aaron LOVED it! Jill ate enough of it to get the mandarin oranges she spotted on the counter, but hey, I'll take it! Scott liked it a lot too, he was sneaking some when he thought I wasn't looking.

Here's some quick video of the kiddos playing around today....

We also hung out with Mimi and PawPaw today. Jill loves running in the kitchen and dancing on the mat in front of the sink! Aaron of course loves the big screen, but mainly because he can see his own reflection in it. If the weather cooperates this weekend we will hopefully be back there to go swimming :)

In other news, today is my Aunt Eunice's 70th birthday! Happy Birthday Aunt Eunice, I hope you had an awesome day!


Elle Bee said...

You are a savvy shopper! Wish we had a Winn Dixie around here. Your dinner looked lovely (and the kids eating it were such cuties! :o)). I might try that recipe!

Sean said...

Way to go on the thrifty grocery shopping. The tilapia looks like a great idea, thanks for the link!

I've found you can get a lot of miles out of a turkey - if you prepare it well, (I grill it) you can get multiple meals out of $12, especially in the winter when you would make soup.

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