Saturday, August 1, 2009

Playroom Explosion

So we have an issue in our playroom. It seems to have exploded. See... and this is it when it's clean...

Out of control, right? So now I am searching for a toy box that won't A) break the bank and B) break their fingers when they slam it shut. Any suggestions?

The kiddos are also on an eating kick, like hardcore eating kick. Honestly, you would think I don't feed them. They ate two pancakes, a banana, 8oz yogurt, AND three whole graham crackers each this morning. Oh and they had 8 oz of milk on top of it. Makes me wonder just how long all those groceries I got yesterday are going to last.

Here are some pictures from this morning when they were not stuffing their faces...

Hope you're having a great Saturday!


Johanna Simpson Baker said...

We use the stackable storage bins from Company Kids. Ours are pastel, but they come in primary colors as well. We love them, because they keep things separate (one big box would leave the stuff at the bottom unused) and they use vertical space. :)
-Johanna (

Elle Bee said...

Amanda, my twins are only 9 months old and I'm already amazed at how much they eat! Especially my son who seems to be a bottomless pit. I think we need to turn our whole backyard into a farm just to be able to afford feeding them! I am no help on storage tips--my playroom looks worse than yours!

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