Sunday, August 16, 2009

Homemade conditioner?

I tried some new foods with the kiddos today. They had avocado for the first time and LOVED it! Aaron could not get enough of it! Then again maybe I shouldn't get so excited, Aaron will eat just about anything. Jill liked it a lot too, but really liked mashing it into her hair. Did you know when you mash avocado into your hair it makes your hair sticky and crusty? Fun! She was very proud of herself. See...

It was pretty warm this afternoon so we hung out inside. Jill is LOVING the new books Auntie Cathy sent over and has been walking around with the same one since Friday. That book is great though because there are a ton of photos in the book so it helps us with signing. Jill can now sign ball, well....kinda. Ball and more look a lot alike so she does a combination of the two. It makes sense, I promise!

Aaron is doling out kisses lately. It's so cute, he walks right up to you and slobbers all over you. It'll be nice to get a kiss without all the drool though. Seriously, the drool situation is out of control! The sooner these teeth come in the better! Here are some other photos and video from the afternoon....

Scott made dinner tonight, like the whole dinner, sides and everything! Sweetbay had country style pork ribs on sale for 99 cents a pound so that's what we had. Scott made his own BBQ sauce and everything for them! Dinner was super yummy, when I find out where he got the recipe for the sauce I'll post it here!
Hope you had a great Sunday! Don't forget to answer the question of the week at Multiples and More!

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Tina said...


You always have the BEST pictures on your blog....I so enjoy them!

Darling kids as always....

When are you guys going to be at Disney...we will be there from the 15th of Nov. to the 21st of Nov. We are staying the Coranado Springs this time....can't wait. It is our first time to go during the Christmas holidays. 2007 which was the last trip we were there for Halloween party...lots of fun!

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