Saturday, August 8, 2009

Where are the photos?

I had just finished talking to my parents and was sitting down to enjoy my coffee when the phone rang. It was my parents. Hmmm weird, we just talked, what's up? So I answer and my Dad goes "I've been sitting at this God D@#N computer for a half an hour now and I don't see any photos of my grandkids!" All I could think was, did I tell him that I put photos up? And how did he get on the computer? Does he know where the on button is? So, just for you Dad, this post will include a lot of photos. On a totally unrelated side note, Lollapalooza is this weekend in Chicago, sigh good times, and if you talk to my Dad about it, it's called Lolpl-ooza. He also says EYE-talian instead of Italian, but I digress.

We took the kiddos to the Orlando Science Center this afternoon to 1) get out of the house 2) have a cool indoor activity and 3) get out of the house. A lot has changed since I worked there, the strength of the A/C being one of the bigger things. It was also insanely busy! There is a ton of stuff for the kiddos to do there, and I cannot wait to take them back when they are a little older and it's not as crowded. The first area we let them run around in is the All Aboard exhibit that has models of planes, trains and automobiles (sigh RIP John Hughes, that was an awesome movie). Here's Jilly doing her best Red Baron impression:

Then we took the kids down to the Kidstown Exhibit. Even though I worked there, many moons ago, I never actually went into this exhibit, there were always screaming kids in there and yeah I wasn't about to venture into that. So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw just how awesome it actually was in there! A lot of the stuff in there though will be much better when they are older. Here are some photos of the kiddos in Kidstown (please excuse my hair, I need to get it cut and colored desperately):

We only hung out for a little over an hour before we left. I seriously cannot wait until we take them again!

And as an added bonus, here is a video of the kiddos from when we got home:

Hope you had a great Saturday! Be sure to check out Multiples and More tomorrow to see my interview with Melissa d'Arabian!


Lani said...

That place DOES look fun.. we'll have to go sometime when I have a couple extra sets of hands:)

Elle Bee said...

What a great place! Cute photos too. I worked at Sizzler when I was in Jr. College. I won't be taking my kids there...

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