Friday, August 7, 2009

Advice only a sister can give....

To say that I had an awesome day is an understatement. I got to interview Melissa d'Arabian of The Next Food Network Star and Ten Dollar Dinners with Melissa d'Arabian. Granted, I did the interview with 5 other Mommy bloggers, but uh it was still insanely awesome. Plus, I was the first person to ask questions! YAHOO!

I literally wanted to vomit the hour before I talked to Melissa. So I chatted with my sister Cathy prior to the conference call. Why did I chat with Cathy you ask? Simple, she majored in journalism in college and I didn't. I took one journalism class and only because the Communications department at Illinois State told me I had to. I wish I would have paid more attention to whatever his name was that taught that class. Seriously the only thing I remember is that he thought it was pronounced Frucktis, not Fructis. Gee Mom and Dad aren't you glad you spent your hard earned money on my education? Back to why I started this story, I emailed my sister to get some last minute advice and calm my nerves. So what did my journalism major sister tell me? "If you feel a nervous 'toot' coming on put the speakerphone on mute so they don't hear it. If it sneaks out though tell them you are having really bad storms and that was thunder." I wish I was kidding, but that is honest to God what she told me. So of course here I am sitting on a LEATHER chair that, let's face it, sounds like you farted every time you move. Awesome, this should be good.

Then the time got closer and the sheer panic overtook me. What time is it? Which clock should I go off of, because seriously every clock is a minute off from each other. Should I call now? How about now? So I called two minutes early to be safe and listened to some way awesome hold music for seven minutes. Michelle from Food Network came on and did roll call to make sure we were all there (surprisingly there were a few no shows). Then I got the news that I was the first person to respond to the interview email so therefore I got to go first. Say what?! I was actually hoping for two, but one works. Melissa beeps in at this moment, you know the moment where you wonder if you can make it to the bathroom to toss your cookies and get back in time without all the callers hearing you.

I'm not going to go into the interview now because it is going to be featured on Multiples and More on Sunday (I'm so evil, aren't I?) but let me tell you Melissa is so insanely sweet and just awesome in general. She's also really chatty and totally personable. If you watched The Next Food Network Star at all, she is exactly like that only better! Her new show Ten Dollar Dinners with Melissa d'Arabian starts on Sunday (12:30EST) and I know I'm going to watch it, I even have the recipe that will be featured. Want the recipe? Hahaha you will have to wait until Sunday at Multiples and More!


Elle Bee said...

Okay, I laughed way louder than someone 2 feet away from sleeping babies should laugh. But oh my word! The leather chair debacle was too funny! HA!
Can't wait to see the full interview on MAM.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Ahhh, the anticipation! I am so glad you got to interview her! Can not wait!

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