Sunday, October 11, 2009

Multiples and More Question of the Week

This weeks questions is:

Who is your favorite SNL cast member?

Ok, I cannot pick a favorite(s). I really enjoy almost all of the cast members (there are some I could have done without but ehhh) so I decided I would post my favorite sketches instead :)

The first is the Olympia Restaurant, my entire family still recites this skit:

Another favorite is James Brown's Hot Tub Party:

Now Chris Farley is one of my favorites, I love almost all his skits, but here is the all time fave:

I'm still laughing from this skit:

Another goodie:

And pretty much anything with Will Ferrell:

Ok I need to step away from HULU or I will be there all day. Play along at Multiples and More!

1 comment:

Elle Bee said...

We have the Best Of Chris Farely snl dvd and that motivational speaker skit puts me in stitches every time. Will Ferrell too, is one of my all-time favorites.

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