Friday, October 30, 2009

My two jobs

I have to say I love my job. I may not get paid, but I get a lot of free stuff and get to talk/connect with a lot of really awesome people, so it all balances out. Plus, nine times out of ten I'm in my pajamas when I'm working, which seriously makes it the best job hands down!

Like I said I get to interview a lot of really awesome people, usually via email, but on the rare occasion by phone. Today was one of those days. I got to interview Betty and Eric Hayes of Table for 12 on TLC. I'm not going to go into details because it hasn't run yet (check out Multiples and More on Monday), but let me just say they are the coolest, most down to earth, caring people on the planet. I felt like I have known them my whole life, it was awesome.

In other work related news (the stay at home variety that is), the kids are in full on climbing mode. I thought sippy cups would make me insane, but it may be climbing. Tough call. We have a glider in their bedroom and Aaron learned how to get into it while I was changing Jill. He also thought it would be hilarious to stand and ride it like a surf board (for reals), that was short lived. He also put his sister in a choke hold to prevent her from trying to sit next to him.

Speaking of choke holds.... It's like the WWE over here. It seems every time I turn around one is semi-smothering the other or yanking them by the collar until they hit the ground.

Scott and I are not immune to the WWE effect either. Aaron has headbutted me in the nose, cheek, eye, mouth (I've had a number of fat lips already) than I can count. Scott has a totally different problem seeing that the kids are the same height as his inseam (catch my drift). Future kids may be out of the question if it keeps up. Maybe that is their plan???

That's it over here. Can't wait for tomorrow! I love the kiddos Halloween costumes and cannot wait to see them in them again! Hope you're having a great day!


Twincerely,Olga said...

thats funny! over here Sydney is the rough one always pinning Jack down.She's the crazy one!Happy Halloween!

Annie said...

That things happened. One kid is rough and not the other.

I'm anxious to read the interview, I'm a huge fan of their program.

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