Saturday, December 12, 2009

Death of a Blackberry

Yes, it's true, my Blackberry has gone on to cellphone heaven (maybe hell?). The cause of death is pretty gruesome, if you are squeamish please stop reading.

We went to Walmart last night to pick up the kids present from my sister (which by the way was in a box bigger than my car, but I digress) and while I was back in the site to store area I went to text Scott to tell him the box was on its way to the front when Jill grabbed the phone from my hands and slammed it into the crappy tile. Pieces flew everywhere (Ok the backing and battery went all over). I figured, hey this happens all the time, it's ok, right? No....the phone wouldn't turn back on, just the little red light in the corner blinked, and only for a moment. It's like it was trying to say goodbye.

When we got home (after a pretty bad Walmart experience, trust me that post is coming later) I plugged the phone in thinking maybe the battery was dead. After a couple of hours I checked in and it was still unresponsive. Scott called AT&T this morning and they said that maybe it would work if the battery was replaced so we are going to try that, but as of the moment my phone has passed on. You were a good phone BB, we've been through some crazy times (remember the Spaceship Earth debacle?). You will be missed, that is until they override my upgrade so I get can my iPhone early. Rest in peace BB.


Steph said...

Oh nooooooo! After all you went through to find it last time! Hope you get a new phone soon!

monica said...

I hope you can find a new phone soon! That is awful!

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