Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What did I just step in???

Before you read any further be sure to check out my review blog! I'm talking about a great summer camp here in Florida!

I'm going to start with an apology, it has been a very long day and I'm half a glass in to some Pinot Grigio, so if there are a lot of typos, sorry.

Yesterday I was able to take the kids outside to play for a little while, until those pesky wasps made their triumphant return. Seriously, I have never seen wasps like these before. They are huge. I could tell what color their eyes are from half way across the yard, no joke. My kids love the outdoors, unlike me. Aaron is constantly asking for his shuws so he can go ouwtside-a.

Jill loves being on the slide and always thinks it's her turn to go down it. Even if Aaron is on the slide she will push him down so it can be her turn. Of course, it's ok, because she says "Whee!" as she pushes Aaron.

We're also getting a lot of birds in our backyard. I think we may have a few nests developing as well. Aaron is practically losing his mind with the abundance of birds in our yard. Again, not like me, I can't stand them (ask Lani, seriously). Yesterday we saw this cardinal at our feeder:

When Aaron saw him he started screaming (no joke on the screaming) "BIRD! THERE IT IS!!! BIRD! THERE IT IS!!!" I had to make a mad dash for my camera to snap the shot before he slammed his hands against the window in excitement and scared it away. I hope he comes back so I can get a better shot, and maybe he'll bring his friend Mr. Blue Jay.

Ok so that's where all the good fun stuff ends. Let's talk about today, shall we? My day started with some "fun" that I left out from yesterday. Scott started coming down with a stomach bug yesterday. And I mean the stomach bug that has been going around. Somehow he dragged himself into work and I began santizing the house from floorboard to ceiling. Anything he touched, breathed on or even looked at got a touch of Lysol. So I was pretty pooped (hmm, wrong word choice?) after my floor to ceiling cleaning and hit the hay. Naturally, I didn't sleep well because I was concerned if he was going to continue getting sick or spike a fever. Then all hell broke loose...

At 2:30 am I heard Aaron crying so I went to see what was up. As I left the room, Scott made the mad dash for the bathroom. Then, as I'm helping Aaron I hear "Amanda???" Seriously? Well, needless to say Scott had to make due on his own while I took care of Aaron. Finally all three of us piled into bed, and Aaron hung out for 2 hours (2 HOURS!). Bite me Daylight Savings and your stupid spring forward. Anyway, Aaron finally went down around 4:30 and was up again at 7 on the dot ready to go for the day. Um, not me kiddo.

So Aaron and I hung out again until Miss Jill decided to wake up. Here's where we start to ice the proverbial cake. I go in to get her and there is this gunk all over her and her crib. What the frick?! Her diaper literally exploded. All the gel from the inside of the diaper was covering her, her sheets, her blankets, her stuffed animal and her crib. G-D. I got her stripped down, rinsed her off in the tub, while fighting off Aaron who thought it was bath time, and then changed into some new jammies. Seriously, this is the worst of the day, right?

Let's add some more icing....

Things went pretty well until naptime. Both kids went down, but Jill kept chatting away. I went in to try and get her to settle down and then I saw it... poop.... everywhere. My darling angel took off her diaper and then flung the poop that was in the diaper all around the room and then proceeded to pee in her bed. And where was the diaper? Sitting under her clean butt. Needless to say she did not nap, and her bedding/blankets/animal got another round in the washer.

Things went better in the afternoon after Aaron got up, and Mimi and Paw Paw brought me a coffee to keep me with it (thanks again!). Jill even helped me wipe down everything Scott touched today. Then we iced the cake some more...

I was Lysoling my couch and stepped on something. What the frick? POOP! I stepped in POOP! My dog took a giant crap in the living room and I walked right into it!

So now that explains the now finished glass of Pinot Grigio. I hope you had a much better day!


Steph said...

Oh dear! What a day. I'm imagining poop icing on a cake now. Hoping that everyone is better soon!

Party of Five said...

Poor girl. I feel your pain. I have had a couple days like that before. I had to resort to duct tape during nap because my daughter would not keep her diaper on and I was sick of washing everything in their room everyday! And the dog...love him, but I am ready to not have animals for a while after this one goes! I am sure we could swap stories all day. Hope your week gets better.

Machelle said...

Oh gosh! Nasty! At least you can look back at this and laugh one day? Right???

Lani said...

pardon my french, but that sounds like one shitty day you had there:) Can I say shit on your blog?

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