Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Day in the Life: Multiples and More QOTW

I very seldom do these questions, but Lani had a great one this week (and I always feel weird answering my own questions). There are multiple questions, so hang on!

  • What is your schedule like? Do you work outside the home or stay home with the kids?

I stay home with the kids and have since before they were born (long story). Here's what a typical, non-outing day is like:

6:15-6:30am: Jill usually comes in to wake me up, and when I say wake me up I mean scare the every living out of me. If it's just her (or if it's just Aaron) I let her lay in bed with me for about 15 minutes and then we go to the playroom.

6:30-7: The kids watch Ni-Hao Kai Lan while I make them breakfast, empty/reload dishwasher and make my coffee and breakfast.

7-11: There really isn't a set schedule here. The kids eat breakfast, I drink my coffee/eat breakfast and check emails. When they are done eating we either color, build with blocks, read, play games, whatever the kids feel like doing really. We got these really great books from Southwestern that break down colors, shapes and words for them and we usually spend a good 30 minutes-hour looking at those. The books also came with posters that we have on the walls that we go over as well. I have to mention that during all of this time I'm usually doing a few loads of laundry, vacuuming, sweeping or doing some form of cleaning as well.

11-12: The kids have lunch and start settling down for lunch. Before they eat I usually put in a DVD for them so I can make their lunch. After they eat I get them dressed (yes, we wear pjs until almost noon over here) and settled in for naps. They get 1-2 stories at naptime.

12-3: This is "me" time. This is when I workout, shower, eat lunch and relax. I also do a lot of my writing during this time, while simultaneously catching up on Real Housewives or General Hospital. If I'm super motivated I'll do some cooking in the kitchen (pre-make lunches, bake or make homemade granola).

3-4: The kids usually wake up around 3ish, some days earlier, just depends. After they wake up they get a snack and some water or juice. Since it's been so hot, we usually go hang out in the pool, if it's raining though we do an arts and crafts project of some kind or work on signing with the Signing Time DVDs.

4-8: We hang out with Scott, have dinner (5-5:30ish) and wear these little kiddies out. Depending on the day we may go out at this point, or take the kids swimming by Mimi and Paw Paw's. This can also be the time I go grocery shopping.

7pm: The kids get baths and put in their jammies. Bath time is pretty fun nowadays. The kids pretend to be fish and swim in the tub.

7:30-8pm: The kids watch Diego and start settling down. If they really didn't eat much of their dinner I let them have a snack.

8pm: The kids get settled into bed and get 2-4 stories (depending on length of the story). Our current favorites included: I saw it all on Mulberry Street, The Very Hungry Catepillar, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus (thanks to the Pierces!), Fancy Nancy or Knuffle Bunny (so cute!).

8pm-10/11pm: Scott and I have dinner and relax. Before we go to bed we pick up the playroom, run the dishwasher and Scott makes my coffee for the next day (isn't he the best???).

  • Do you follow it very closely?
For the most part I try to. I like to keep meals and naptime at the same time everyday. Granted, if we are out and about, that will change it, but I like for that to be a constant.
  • How much (or how little?) "help" do you have?
It's Scott and I, and really with Scott it's after he gets home or if he's off. We also have help from Mimi and Paw Paw, and my friend Jenn, if we need to go out without the kids. But a normal day, it's just me.

  • What chores do you do on a daily basis?
I usually do 1-2 loads of laundry a day, some days more (depends on my motivation, lol), sweep the kitchen, dishwasher (obviously) and vacuum if I remember.
  • Do you get any "me" time on an average day? What do you do then?
I make it a priority to have "me" time everyday. I think it's the only way you can keep from going totally crazy. Even if it's just me having a hot cup of tea in the afternoon, it's "me" time.
  • What is your favorite part of each day?
I love the one on one time I get with the kids, whether it's the snuggle time first thing in the morning, or the time alone when one is still napping and the other is up. It's great to just have those moments with them, alone, where they are not fighting for the attention.
  • What is your least favorite part of each day?
Depends on the day, lol. I'm not a fan of cleaning up the playroom. The entire time I'm doing it I just think, "it's going to look like this again in 15 minutes, why bother?". But I know it needs to get done.
  • Are you able to make time for all the things that you want/need to fit in? If you could fit it all in, what else would you do?
I try to get everything done when it needs to get done, but if it doesn't I don't stress out about it. I mean really, is it that big of a deal if my kitchen floor didn't get swept up today? No, in the grand scheme of things it's not that big of a deal. I'd rather have that time with the kids.

What's your day like? Link your answers at Multiples and More!


alicia said...

You are one busy lady. Whew!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I also love one on one time. I prefer that they nap together but I must say it's lovely to have one-on-one snuggles :)

I just asked the same question on another blog but I have to ask you too - how do you get them to sleep for so long???

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

Our schedules are similar except for the 6am thing. Yikes! You are a good woman. I start to function @ 7 and the boys wake up at about 8. Mine don't always take 3 hour naps though so I guess it all balances out. :)

I also cherish that one on one time.

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