Friday, June 18, 2010

Playdate fun x5

We had a really fun playdate with the Lyons family yesterday. My kids definitely need some brushing up on the whole "sharing" concept/social skills in general. Clearly it's not a problem when we go to their house, but when it's their own toys it's like the end of the world. Speaking of the end of the world, we even got a visit from Jehovah's Witnesses (only at my house, I'm telling you) during the playdate. 'Twas awesome as always, and the secret to getting them to leave immediately is having 5 2 year olds running around in the background. You're welcome for the tip.

Isn't Lily's face priceless? She had zero desire to say "cheese", and I definitely got a good stink eye from her for even suggesting it. Lani has some super cute photos up on her blog too, even one of the future Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Lyons "sharing" a cup of tea.

Our summer storms are back in full effect, and seemingly worse this year. I'm pretty lucky that the kids don't mind them and Aaron even warns me they are coming. He heard the thunder yesterday afternoon and said, "Mama da rain comin', it's da rain". He is so going to be a weather man, no?


Steph said...

My girls are the same way when we have playdates here at home. MINE MINE MINE. But they have no qualms about helping themselves at other people's houses! Looks like a fun time though.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

You ladies have so much fun! I want to come to one of your playdates - jehovah witness and all : ) Ha!

Anonymous said...

Sharing at their age is a challenge. Don't be too hard on them. But we must teach them from early on.

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