Sunday, June 6, 2010

A walk back in time...

Even though Scott works for Disney, we are still annual pass holders, so we got the inside scoop on the re-launch if you will of the Main Street Electrical Light Parade (which shall now be referred to in this post as ELP) and the brand new fireworks for the summer. We debated taking the kids to the first night and decided against it because we knew it would be crowded, and we were right. People got there at 3 pm to start saving seats. We got lucky with our seats and we didn't get there until 7:30, a good hour and a half before the parade.
I haven't seen this parade in YEARS, and when I say say years I mean probably since I was a tot, but it was all that I remembered and more. This parade holds a special spot in my heart for a few reasons, 1) I saw it when I was little so it always reminds me of coming with my parents as a kid and 2) we used the music at our wedding after the recessional.

It was so awesome to watch again and I cannot wait until we take the kids to see it, I think they're going to love it!

The new fireworks also debuted last night. They give you special glasses to watch them with, I opted out of the glasses because they made me feel sick with the first firework (most things make me sick since I had the kids, happen to anyone else?). The new fireworks were pretty awesome, they say they're 360 but I would say they're 180, which is still pretty freakin' awesome.

Here's a quick video Scott took to show the difference with and without the glasses:

Hope you are having a great weekend!


monica said...

How fun! The firework are beautiful. It will be fun to watch the fireworks and parade throught your childrens eyes!

Cheryl Lage said...

AMANDA! I LOVE LOVE LOVED the "Electrical Parade" when I was little visiting the Magic Kingdom! Also remember a water parade from our hotel patio on the Contemporary an watching it nightly.

This brings back SUCH happy memories. We're talking taking the kids next year (they'll be 9) and I can HARDLY wait!

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