Friday, August 6, 2010

I came to get down I came to get down so get out yo seat and jump around

Wednesday was Mimi's birthday so we went out to dinner and then headed back to the house for cake. Paw Paw and Scott thought they would be funny with how they arranged the candles:

We also went to a local bounce house place on Wednesday. I'm just going to put this out there now, I am not a fan of these places. I am proud to say I lasted over an hour before I looked at Scott and said "Yeah, we're done". The kids were having a blast though. My only concern was the other kids that were there. You know what kids I'm talking about, the ones that are like monkeys all over everything pushing people out the way with moms that are sitting oblivious to everything around them and too busy talking about how little Jimmy doesn't watch tv and he's such a well behaved child. Got news for you mother of the year, little Jimmy just shoved my toddler out of his way to get to the slide first. The shoving seriously happened and Aaron gave the kid a "what the hell?!" look.

Maybe after school starts we'll take the kids back, at least this way we know half of the local pee-wee football team won't be there. Am I the only one that doesn't like these places?

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Anonymous said...

No your not! I have taken my kids to these places as well and they love it too, but every time we go there, there are kids who (obviously) are older than 12 playing there and other kids jumping the lines; shoving smaller kids around while Mom stands there talking to friends!

I was not so nice about it! I went up to a mother and ask her to please address her child's behavior! She said: "Well, he is not going to listen to me!" So I went over to him and told him to get in line. And you know what? He listened to me!!

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