Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm a peacock you just gotta let me fly

I had a really fun MoM's night out last night. Seriously, it's been a while, like a long while, possibly an eternity.

Lani and I meet up at Houlihan's first to have a quasi-meeting and dinner. The disturbing funny part of dinner (read: drinks) was the creep-o at the bar in the Hawaiian shirt. I'm not a fan of people staring in the first place, it makes me self conscious, like I have spinach in my teeth, or my boob just fell out of my top a la Tara Reid, so when this guy was just staring in our direction I was a little disturbed. Add the fact that he was old enough to be my Dad just made it that much more creepy. It's moments like these that I fix my hair or adjust my glasses with my left hand and give the "please stop staring you're creeping me out" look. PS get the seared rare tuna wontons, they are to die for, always have been, always will be.

After dinner we met up with April and her niece Katie at Downtown Disney. Can I just tell you I am so not ready for Jill to be a teenager, but may need to spend more time with Katie or have April take copious notes on what teen girls are like now. She was a riot though.

We decided to catch a movie, and can I admit something? The last movie I saw in the theaters was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Seriously. I'm not even close to kidding. We originally got tickets to see Salt but the only seats available were the first two rows, um no. Besides I have a thing against Angelina Jolie, a) she was a part of breaking up Jen and Brad's marriage (GO TEAM ANISTON!) b) She had that genetically perfect Shiloh the weekend of my wedding c) she had twins around the same time I did. It's like she's copying my life. *Sigh* Back to the topic at hand....

Since none of us had the desire to watch a movie that was thisclosetoourfaces we switched out our tickets for The Other Guys:

They had Lani and I at Mark Wahlberg (say hi to your mother for me). I'm going to be honest I didn't care if the movie was good or bad I was just excited to be in a theater watching a movie. Thankfully, the movie was pretty good and seriously hilarious. Like a typical Will Ferrell there's a million one liners that you're going to be hearing from everyone.

Thanks to the ladies for a great MNO, I totally needed that!

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