Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Featured Blogger Day!

Today I'm the featured blogger at Multiples and More! I know what you're thinking, totally unfair since I'm a co-author, but Lani and I were talking and we realized nobody really knows about us, except our names and whatever we wrote in the 'about us' section. It was definitely interesting being on the receiving end of our interview. Thanks for the great questions Lani!

In other news, we went to Mimi and Paw Paw's yesterday for some labor day festivities that should have included swimming, but you know, it rained....a lot. The kids seemed unphased because they got to play with their favorite plastic containers and spoons. Makes me wonder why we buy toys.

Don't forget to stop by my review blog and enter the Van's All Natural Recipe Contest!


:corinne: said...

Hi amanda. Visiting from Multiples and More. I loved reading about you and your family. Aaron and Jilian are too cute. I'm a momma of triplets. I have one boy and two girls. The girls are identical. Thanks for your question at the end...I'm interested to see what others have to share. My trips just turned 1 and I'm already having to deal with toys being taken away. Yikes! Nice meeting ya!

Sarah said...

Loved reading about you and your family on Multiples and More. What a great interview! I have 18 month old twin girls and love reading other people's thoughts, experiences and advice when it comes to multiples. I'll definitely be stopping by more often!


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