Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jill's first haircut....

Yesterday we decided it was time for Jill to get her first haircut. Her hair was so long in the back, short on the sides and then there's those wild bangs, something had to be done. We headed over to the Magic Kingdom's Harmony Barbershop, because that's where Aaron got his first haircut.

Both kids were talking about the monorail, or as Aaron calls it the ah-woo (no idea where that came from), from the moment I said where we were going. I think our days of taking the ferry boat are over. Plus, this time, they got to sit like a big boy and girl on the seats. Jill naturally cuddled up to Paw Paw:

First thing we headed to the barbershop and decided Jill would be first since we weren't sure how she was going to do. We never seem to pick a good time to hit the barbershop, it was pretty busy when we got there. When it was Jill's turn I seriously took the biggest deep cleansing breath to prep myself for God only knows what was going to happen. She refused to wear the cape, can't blame her, I'm not a fan either.

She only shrugged up her shoulders a few times and did amazingly well. The bubbles were a hit and definitely kept her distracted the whole time. When she was done she got a pair of Mickey ears just like Aaron has. She even kept them on for longer than 2.5 seconds.

Doesn't she look like a big girl??? Sigh...time is going by too fast....

The old pro, Aaron, was up next. He did well, but since his takes longer (the kid has a ton of hair on that head) he tends to get agitated after a few minutes.

When we went to leave we had the most epic of meltdowns because we had to leave the bubbles. I mean EPIC. Screaming, crying, snot, the whole shebang. People that were standing by City Hall turned to look at us, that's how loud my daughter was. It was just awesome. Thankfully, the woman that cut their hair had some extra bubbles and brought them out for Jill. How nice is that?! Tears instantly stopped and it was as if nothing happened. Gotta love 2 year olds.

As promised to Mr. Aaron, we went on the steam train next. We even got to sit in the first car by the engine. I thought he was going to lose his mind. Jill was cute too, every time the whistle would blow she'd yell "All aboard!"

After we got off the train Scott and Aaron went up to see the engineer, since we know him (who don't we know at that park?) and Aaron got to see the inside of the train, which he will tell you is hot.

Since nobody is here right now we got to take the kids on the speedway. The line for this ride is usually a 30 minute minimum, yesterday it was 10 minutes, if that. I had Aaron and Scott had Jill. The kids were so cute on it, and it will definitely be something we have to do again and again and again.

Finally we let the kids play in Toontown on the playground. At one point Jill and a little boy were chasing each other and he yelled "Boo!" so what does my daughter do? Lift her shirt, a la Girls Gone Wild, and scream. If this is any inclination of what the college years will be I'm going to start stockpiling hard liquor (for myself) and bail money (for Jill).

One of the benefits of having a husband in security is that we get warnings on when the bad weather is coming in and how quickly it's approaching. Needless to say, when the kids were playing a security officer stopped to talk to Scott and told him a storm was on its way so we hightailed it out there. We almost made it to the monorail before the rain, but thankfully only got caught in the sprinkle, not the downpour.

All in all it was a great night and I'm glad we were all well enough to go have fun!


Charity Donovan said...

So cute! They are adorable!

Souza Sisters said...

I love reading your blog! Especially when you guys go over to Disney! Gets me excited for my upcoming trip!! Your kids are adorable!

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