Saturday, December 18, 2010

The one where I tell Cancer to suck it....

Dear Cancer,

You suck and I hate you. No, wait, I don't hate you, hate isn't strong enough of a word. I despise you...hmm still not strong enough. I think you suck, how about that? You have been taking people from me for as long as I can remember, and they are good people. People who have things to offer and things to do and lives to live. You seriously seriously suck. I cannot stand you!

You took my Godfather from me and I will never forgive you for that, ever. He was an amazing man, a proud man, and what you did to him is inexcusable. I hate you for that. You decided to recently set up shop in my cousin and I hate you for that. When I got the news I wanted to flip you the bird, actually, I think I did. You suck and I hate you. Now with the news I got this morning, my hatred is even stronger. You are taking one of the sweetest boys I have ever met, and words cannot express the hatred I have for you.

Bryce is younger than my kiddos and quite possibly the most adorable, handsome, sweetest little boy I have ever had the honor of meeting. Why would you pick him? No really? You infected him before he was even born and now, sadly, he may not see Christmas. F@#k you cancer! You suck and I hate you.

With hatred,

*Please keep darling Bryce in your prayers. Pray for comfort, pray for understanding and pray for strength for him, his parents and his brother. Bryce, I am so honored that I got to met you and spend a day with you, you are the most adorable boy I have ever met and I will never forget you!*


Jill said...

You're right. It sucks. I'll be praying for Bryce and his family.

Sadia said...

Oh, Amanda, poor poor Bryce, and how even more horrible for his family. One of the twins in my former MoM group has cancer ... and my beloved mother-in-law ... and my neighbour Jill recently finished chemo. Hate, despise, detest.

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