Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Plague on Both Your Houses

Ok that was a little over dramatic for a title, but a plague on only your house just didn't sound right.

So remember how last week Jill pretended to be Evel Kneivel? Well the next night she ran a fever and we were told if she ran a fever we had to bring her in because her joints make be infected. Well naturally by the time Scott and Jill got to the hospital her fever was non-existent and they sat there for well over 4 hours before a doctor even came in. It is at this point we think she "picked up" something.

Within a day or two she had the schlitz. I know this because Lani once told me if you question it, it's not the schlitz, you'll know it when you see it. I knew it... I figured I would give it a day and see how we were doing. The next day I called and was told if she didn't stop after...wait for it...10 days to bring her in. Doesn't 10 seem really long? I thought so. Thankfully the Pedialtye and Cultrelle did the trick and we are schlitz free. However....

The other day Aaron randomly threw up during the night. Then he threw up the next day after lunch and then yesterday after lunch. I took him to the doctor and she couldn't find anything and the more I thought about it I thought maybe we got some bad cantaloupe because he was throwing up after eating that, and Jill wasn't eating it. Well I was wrong, he started barfing again this morning. Scott did some research and apparently there is some bug going around where everyone either poops or vomits but no fever. The poor kiddo looks miserable and I smell like a combination of vomit and Lysol (they should bottle that scent, it's awesome). I'm really hoping this passes before Christmas.

Dealing with both of these has also made me realize I would rather deal with the schlitz than vomit any day. At least the schlitz is contained in a diaper....vomit....oh that's another story.

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1 Special Family said...

I know how you feel. We have a standing rule at our house that if a kid vomits, I just throw a towel over it and Dad comes to clean it up ASAP. I cleaned up the first two times my kids ever threw up and ended up vomitting all over the family room myself. It didn't take long before husband and I had a nice arrangement! I sure hope everyone gets to feeling better soon! VERY soon! Happy Healty holidays to your family!

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