Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You Can't Catch Me I'm the Gingerbread Man

I decided to decorate gingerbread men with the kiddos yesterday. I knew I would be doing the majority of the decorating and they would do the majority of the eating. Of the 20 cookies we had to decorate we wound up with 11 decorated.

Aaron was more interested in eating, and still wasn't feeling all that great (more on that later) and Jill was more interested in playing in the sprinkles. She even sang a song while playing....

All in all it was good fun and something I hope to do with them every year. Today we're going to do sugar cookies, which I'm sure will be equally as interesting.

Back to Aaron, we think it's stomach flu. He was fine for more of the morning yesterday and early afternoon and then last night it was just awful. He was in so much pain from throwing up and everything else that he just screamed. He got up twice during the night, once to throw up and once to just cuddle with us. So far this morning he's doing ok and I'm really hoping it stays that way. I've re-Lysoled every surface in my house I have zero desire to catch this or have it rework itself through the house.

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