Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Weekend

We've had a pretty chillaxin' weekend so far, and I really like it that way. Scott had to work New Year's Eve at Magic Kingdom, God love him. You couldn't pay me to go near that place. Thankfully though, he was home before midnight, not that either of us made it to midnight, does that make us old?

During the day the kids and I hung out outside because the weather has finally warmed up. Everything is dead though because of the freezes from the past couple of nights. The kids had fun though, they always do, and I was happy because they finally got to burn off all of that energy.

Don't you love those faces???? Lately their imaginations are just blowing up, which I am loving. The activity climber that they have is now a pirate ship and Jill will climb in and yell "Arghhh!!!" and pretend to steer the ship. I mean how adorable is that?

They've also been reenacting movies lately. Jill takes all the characters from Tangled and acts it out. While she loves Rapunzel, Flynn and Max, she definitely has a soft spot for the thugs in the movie. They've all gone to bed with her every night since she saw the movie. Aaron is into reenacting Toy Story 3, especially the opening scene, he pretends to be Buzz during that part. He's also signing like a fool. Even though they are speaking a lot more and a lot clearer, the signing definitely helps and I hope it is something that they continue.

Yesterday we went to Mimi and Paw Paw's for New Year's Day lunch. Mimi always makes black eyed peas, rice with gravy, salmon croquettes (grilled chicken for me), and sweet potatoes. Aaron had two croquettes and I don't even know how many sweet potatoes, Jill had kolacky haha. The rest of the day was just really relaxing, which is a welcomed change to the past few weeks.

I hope you've been having a great weekend so far!

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