Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Say What?! and Way Back When-esday


Lovely Missy at Two Little Monkey's does a Say What?! Wednesday post every week which recounts all the hilarious things her girls have said (you need to stop by and read them, they really are hilarious). I actually wrote down some of the things my kiddos said this week so I could participate. Here we go:

Me: (as I bust Aaron throwing something) Was that necessary?
Aaron: Yes! It was AWESOME!
Me: *sigh* awesome (I mean really what do you say in that situation?)

Jill: (on Cinderella phone) Oh hi Dzia Dzio! Uh huh, oh yeah? Your house?! Ok! See you soon!
Me: You're going to Dzia Dzio's house?
Jill: (packing bag which included Alice costume, Alice shoes, headband, Cinderella phone and camera) Yes! Bye see you soon!
Aaron: I go too! We go on the train?! (they think my parents live at Disney)

Aaron: (doing something he's not supposed to be) Mama I be right back
Me: Ok, but you still can't do that.
Aaron: No, Mama, I be right back (continues to do what he's not supposed to be doing)
Me: Aaron, that's not what that means.
Aaron: Mama, I be right back

Have something funny that your kids said? Link it up at Two Little Monkeys!

Now on to Way Back When-esday!

Dateline: January 2009
Age: 8 months

I used to love this time because Lani, April and I would able to just all get together and walk around with the kids. We would walk, literally, for hours and none of the kids would try to get out or anything. This is one of my favorite photos of the kids because it shows their personality's so well. Jill is always busy, and Aaron is as laid back as can be.

Play along with Cheryl at Twinfatuation!


The Smiths said...

I love your Way back When photo....Like you said, it shows their personalities.
I miss the days when my kids would stay in the stroller and not, I have to gear myself up for an outing.

Missy said...

Thank you for playing along! Jill is too cute with her princess accessories and I love the mischievous Aaron!
Sweet WBW!

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