Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Finally, the Belle Post

So like I said before, today's post was originally going to be about our trip to Epcot yesterday. Now we can finally get to that post.

Yesterday the kids and I went to Epcot since the parks are pretty much empty now. The kids have been asking to go on the boat ride in Mexico for a few days now, so I figured this would be the best time to go. We were able to walk right on that, Nemo and Spaceship Earth. We also got to meet Belle. Jill was all gung ho and as you can see in the photo that changed.

Aaron on the other hand was quite taken with Belle. At first he hid behind me and then when she got down on his level he was all cheese. Belle asked what his name was and he said "I'm 3!" When I told him she asked what his name was he came back to reality and said, "Oh! I Aaron!" go ahead and insert super goober laugh and smile here.

Thank you to Belle for making Aaron's day. When we got home we watched Beauty and the Beast so we could "relive" the moment or something like that.

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