Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to my MOM!

Today is my Mom's 70th birthday, for real. Trust me when I age (who am I kidding, I'm already aging) I want to age like her because she looks nowhere near her age, and after 6 kids that's amazing.

I have so many amazing memories with my Mom. Like the time we went with Cathy to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat when Donny Osmond was performing and she suggested we go to the stage door to get the cast autographs because "you know I did that all time". I swear one minute she was standing next to us and the next minute she was getting Donny's autograph. I have no idea how she got to the front of the line so fast.

She was also the Mom that went to every single band competition when I was in high school. She was even brave enough to chaperone one. She also wrote me a note before every competition and put it in my bag for me to read on the bus.

She has had a card for me for every single event in my life. Even when I went back to school recently, I got a card on my first day.

She taught me it's always important to at least have makeup on when you go to the store because you never know who you are going to run into. Can I add that this is hilarious because nine times out of ten she goes to the store in lounge pants and an old Disney t-shirt. She usually runs into someone she knows.

She has the funniest stories from her childhood and I love hearing them. For example, I sent her a card when I was in college that said "Hey Sailor, buy a girl a drink?" and she called me laughing and said "Oh my God I used to do that all the time at Navy Pier!". Scott said this explains so much about me right there.

I truly cannot express how much I love my Mom, she's always there for me and I could never have asked for a better Mom!

Happy Birthday MOM!

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Veronica Lee said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!

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