Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Adventures of Boyd

We started doing the whole elf on the shelf thing with the kids for a little over a week. At first they weren't too sure what to think of their newly named elf, Boyd. Now Jill is up at 6 am to find out where Boyd moved to. Here are some of his locations:

Day 1:
Boyd was in the playroom admiring the fantasy football trophy. The kids were a little freaked out that he appeared out of nowhere, but by the end of the morning they were telling him things to tell Santa. Aaron would walk by and say, "Psst....hey Boyd...Red...Train"

Day 2:

Elf literally on a shelf. The kids were freaked out that he moved.

Day 3:
Boyd decided to sit up nice and high and watch over the playroom. The kids thought this was silly.

Day 4:
Elf in a wreath, or tree as Jill called it. Jill thought this was hilarious by the way.

Day 5:
Elf on another shelf, this time in the kiddos room. They thought it was silly that he was in their room. Boyd also took a tumble off the shelf, thankfully nobody saw and mommy was able to put him back in his location.

Day 6:
"Don't forget your keys!"

Day 7:
Making Mommy's coffee. Aaron told Scott that Boyd was a bad boy because he had Mommy's coffee and he had to give it back.

Day 8:
Boyd was caught playing with the blocks. This brought an unexpected freak out from Aaron. He said he was all done with Christmas and Boyd and that he just wanted his blocks back. It should be noted that this morning he was mad that Boyd was not playing with the blocks and they he, like a good elf, put them away. Sigh.

Day 9 (today):

Boyd must have seen that Daddy brought Mommy flowers, so he thought he would bring us one too. Isn't he nice! Both of the kids thought it was really sweet.

I'm still not sure who this whole thing is more fun for, us or the kids.

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