Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Remember how Scott and I were sick a few weeks ago? With the pneumonia came an awful cough and we were sucking on cough drops like it was nobody's business. Towards the end of our "plague" Ricola was kind enough to send me a care package with some Dual Action cough drops in it.
Ricola Dual Action is the first multi-symptom cough drop from Ricola. It combines menthol-a natural oral anesthetic- and a soothing cherry syrup center with Ricola's proprietary blend of Swiss herbs to help provide naturally effective relief for cough and sore throats.

With cold and flu season in full swing, Ricola launched a social media campaign to help consumers “get well soon,” with care packages sent “From Switzerland, with Care.” The program offers a variety of social media resources to deliver real-time relief to people battling coughs and colds this winter. Visit www.facebook.com/ricola or twitter.com/RicolaUSA to check it out. Care packages will include Ricola’s newest product innovation, Ricola Dual Action, a great product to keep in your purse and medicine cabinet this cold season!

Did you know that only five people in the world know the secret recipe for Ricola cough drops? While many know and love the “Riiiiicolaaa” brand, few know the story behind it. Here are some quick facts, and you can learn much more about Ricola on Facebook:

  • The founder of Ricola, confectioner Emil Richterich, started producing Ricola drops in the 1930s, delivering them by hand around his tiny hometown of Laufen, Switzerland until demand grew strong enough to compel him to purchase a bicycle.
  • He established Richterich & Company in Laufen, which is where the name Ricola comes from: RIchterich & COmpany, LAufen (RI-CO-LA).
  • It’s all in the family – the current President of Ricola, Felix Richterich, is Emil’s grandson!

I will definitely be stocking up on Ricola Dual Action cough drops this cold and flu season. What are your go to products when you're sick?

Disclosure: I was provided a Ricola Dual Action cough drops for review. The opinions expressed are my own and were in no way influenced.

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