Wednesday, January 4, 2012

That there Clark is an R....V....

Scott and I are usually on the same thing about everything, until recently. Quite frankly, I'm scared about how not on the same page we are about this. What could possibly be so scary and possibly earth-shattering you ask? RV's and camping, naturally (it's like you don't know me at all people)!

When we were on our way to the science center the other day we saw all of the RV's heading back to that trailer park in the sky, or something like that, and Scott says: "Wouldn't it be great after we retire to get an RV and see America?" In my mind I heard: "Hey little lady what 'cho say we gets us an RrrrrrrV and see 'Merica?"

I started to look around the car, maybe he's talking to the kids? An imaginary friend? Certainly he is not talking to me. As I feared, he was looking right at me, which if you think about it is not safe while driving. So he said: "Whatcha think?" Naturally, my response was, "Um no."

I fear that this is what he envisions:

I mean really, would I ever wear pants like that? No. And seriously, I would be holding the bottle of wine, not just a glass.

At this point he is trying to defend his idea, talking about how it's a "sweet ride", and how much more convenient it is to have a bathroom right there so you don't have to stop, and how we could see the world's largest ball of twine. I'm still not seeing the selling point here, I'm just not.

He only brought up the "recreational" vehicle one more time, but then last night while watching Texas Multi-Mamas (which you should really watch) he says, "Let's go camping." I almost fell off the couch. Who in the world is he talking to? It's not the kids, they are in bed. Maybe he's talking to the dog? "Who are you talking to?" "You." He must be joking.

I don't camp. Nothing about sleeping outside in a tent, on the ground, with all the creepy crawly things sounds remotely appealing to me. I can barely handle a Holiday Inn Express, what makes him think that I can handle "nature".

At this point I pretended like I went deaf momentarily. So far it seems to have worked, he has not brought up the "c" word since.

We'll see how long that lasts.


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I don't know where my head will be 30 years from now...but at this point, I can't IMAGINE enjoying the RV life. Sure, the World's Biggest Paperclip is amazing, but showering in a cupboard and having to turn sideways to walk down the hall / dining room / pantry? I'd rather forgo the paperclip and stick to larger destinations...with nice hotels and room service. :)

That said, my grandparents had TWO smaller, for short trips, and one monster that they lived in for about 4 months a year. They were snowbirds in South Texas during the winter months...because Mississippi winters are pretty brutal. ;)

They loved it, though. They were surrounded by like-minded little old folks, and they had a blast.

And I will admit there's something alluring about following the Crimson Tide to all their football games one day!

Still, I can't see myself and Uncle Eddy in the same frame. HA!

Cheryl Lage said...

WOW! The "C" word is not in my vocab---or my husband's, thankfully---but WOW. That RV is IMPRESSIVE!

Happy 2012!

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