Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Lesson in Mercy

I seldom write about church on here, but I had to share this. This week we have the missions with us. Father Dan and the brothers are visiting from the St. Faustina Shrine in Massachusetts, and I loved when they were here last year.

Anyway, Father Dan gave the homily today and was talking about the ABC's of The Divine Mercy. The 'B' in the ABC's is to Be Merciful. He spent a lot of time discussing this and it really hit home. No matter what you should always show people mercy, even if they do something you that upsets you.

I told you this to tell you this next part. When we came home from church I noticed something was up with our mailbox, it was all sorts of messed up. Scott went to look at it and he said it was on backwards. So we assumed someone may have hit it and then put it back on the wrong way. Father Dan's message immediately came back to me. Be merciful. I told Scott at least whoever hit it was kind enough to put it back. Also, it wasn't damaged to the point that it needed to be replaced.

Be merciful.

Then tonight our neighbor came over and he told us that someone hit both his and our mailbox. He doesn't know who, but they left one of their side mirrors on the side of the road. Oh, and the kind person that put our mailbox back was actually his son, not the person that hit the mailboxes.

Be merciful.

Upon hearing this another part of Father Dan's homily came to mind. He was talking about how God showed Adam and Eve mercy after they ate the apple because he clothed them in fig leaves, and not cactus leaves, like Father Dan would have.

God may have spared my mailbox, and my neighbors, but at least He took care of the idiot's car.

Be merciful.


Dianna@KennedyAdventures said...

I think this is beautiful, and a very good reminder of something we overlook every day. How patient is God with us, and our shortcomings? How many times, over and over again, has he been merciful with us?

You know ... Saints and Scripture Sunday is open all week ;) This would be a perfect post to share there!

cat said...

Oh that is just so beautifully said

Athanasius contra mundum said...

I'll have to remember this. I wish I could be as forgiving as I should be. I also try to remember Romans 12:9 where it says "'Vengeance is Mine; I will repay' says the Lord".

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