Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Firemen should wear purple

This morning started out with some blunt head trauma via a toy airplane at my head. Yup, I was getting Aaron dressed and he had his airplane in his hand and let it go while I was pulling his shirt off. It flew threw the air and crash landed in the middle of my forehead. I thought I was fine and then I saw the blood. Thankfully, Scott was only a few blocks away and was able to come back and help me out and make sure it wasn't something that required a stitch. He also decided to take the day off which was pretty awesome.

We decided to hit the park and then go to lunch. There is a great restaurant on the lake and since the weather was perfect we thought that would be a great spot. Two tables away from us there were some firemen, Aaron was in seventh heaven. After lunch they let Aaron and Jill check out the fire truck, they even got to turn on the lights and wear the headsets.

A huge thank you to the amazing firemen! They even gave the kids junior firefighter badges and helmets. Aaron talked about this all day. He said he wanted to be a fireman and drive a firetruck to work. Jill said the firemen need to wear purple, not blue.

How cute are my firefighters?! And who knew Cinderella was a firefighter?

So aside from the airplane to the head, today was pretty awesome. Thanks again to the awesome firemen from Minneola!


Kerry B said...

Oh no! but what a great way to spend the day otherwise! I agree with your daughter and they should wear purple! haha Kerry w/ new2two

Kerry B said...

sorry if i left 2 comments, but I just was mentioning what a sweet day you ended up with!

cat said...

What a great little bonus of a day

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