Friday, March 30, 2012

I don't sit here....I sit there

Jill had been asking to go to the Beauty and the Beast show for a couple of days, so we finally caved and braved the parks with all of the spring breakers. Yes, I know, we've gone to Flower and Garden, but you know, that's totally different. Don't ask how, it just is. Plus, it was a great excuse to play with the new camera.

The Studios was actually pretty quiet when we got there, I was expecting way worse. Before the show we split up to go on some rides. Jill and I went on the Great Movie Ride (which Aaron does not like) and Scott and Aaron went to see Muppets 3D (which Jill does not like). It worked out perfectly. Jill narrated the entire Great Movie Ride, much to the amusement of the woman sitting next to us. The best part of the whole ride though was when we were still in line. When you wait in line for the Great Movie Ride they play clips from the movies that are on the ride. We got into line when they were showing a clip from Casablanca and Jill asked "What's that?" "Casablanca." Jill gave me a 'say what?!' look and said "What the what the?!". I almost dropped her I was laughing so hard.

After meeting up with the boys we headed to the sweet shop for a snack for the show. Jill wanted a Mickey cookie and Aaron, in true Aaron form, wanted the chocolate peanut butter cup. Ok kid. When I gave them their treats at the show I noticed Aaron's peanut butter cup was hard because obviously it's kept cool in the store. That did not stop him from chowing down on it.
Guess what color my shirt was. Yup, white, and I was sitting right next to him. I told him not to even breathe in my direction. I'll give him credit though, he made it through half of the peanut butter cup before throwing in the towel and it only took 2 wipes to clean him up. It was a success in my book, well minus the immediate sugar high that followed.

Jill, on the other hand, decided to skip her cookie and wanted to feed me cotton candy.

The rate at which she was handing me pieces almost made me hurl. Shortly after the show started but something happened and there was a delay. Here's the kids reaction to the delay:The show started seconds later and was fabulous (minus the Belle at this performance). The funniest part of the entire show though was when we first got there. We were looking for a seat and Jill was heading to the first row. I told her we were sitting over here and my diva says, "I don't sit here, I sit up there" and pointed to the front row. She has this in her head because when my parents were here we got to sit in the second row since my Mom was in a scooter. I had to explain to here that we don't always get to sit there and she proceeded to ask where her Busia and Dzia Dzio were so she could sit with them. I'm not sure how much of the show she could have seen from Chicago, but in the end she "settled" for our seats.

We had such a great night just bumming around the studios. I can't wait until spring breaks are over and we can enjoy the parks again before summer!

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