Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Because Sharing is Caring

Jill is seemingly over whatever this virus is that she had last week. Unfortunately, Aaron has it now. It's the strangest thing because he managed to first get sick at the same exact time as his sister. I was able to get him into the pediatrician's office right away yesterday so we could go ahead and start the antibiotics.

Ok, let me tell you about the pediatrician's office. It was crazy backed up, I have never in all of my visits been there when it was that backed up. There weren't any chairs left, it was crazy. This is the moment that separates parents based on their sanity. I managed to be sitting in the section with the clinically insane and it was amazing. Now, I should mention that I just had Aaron, so this was like the easiest waiting I've ever done. Anyway, Aaron got hit in the eye by another kid in the waiting room. Had I been this child's mother I would have been drinking already.  I get it, all of our kids have their days, but I got the vibe pretty early on that every day is one of those days with this kid. No harm, no foul though. In other words, Aaron didn't end up with a black eye or any permanent damage, so it's ok. After an hour and a half in the waiting room (for real) we finally made it back and had the quickest  visit ever. We were in and out in like 10 minutes. 

Aaron was doing pretty decent yesterday, only a few fevers, and once they broke it was like nothing was wrong with him. We had a rough night last night and are currently having a rough morning. I'm hoping the antibiotics start working their magic today. I hate seeing either of my kiddos sick like this. Plus, I miss not being able to sleep in my bed without a 4 year old in it. 

Finally, a quick update on Mimi, it's definitely food poisoning. She'll be in the ICU for another day, maybe two, and then she'll be in a regular room for a few days too. 

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Here's wishing everybody a speedy recovery

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