Monday, July 16, 2012

They say everything happens for a reason....

This past weekend soooooo did not go according to plan. Friday night I was supposed to meet a friend for happy hour but she canceled the night before. I was totally bummed since I had been looking forward to breaking out of the sick bay and having conversations about something other than snot, ears, and antibiotics. But, you know that phrase everything happens for a reason? The time I would have been on the road is the exact time Scott got a call from his Dad to come down and help get his Mom to the hospital. 

Mimi was not doing so hot, at all. She was running a fever of 104.3 and was totally out of it. Scott stayed there most of the night with his Dad while they ran tests to determine what it was. I think they ran every test they have too. They tested for stroke, meningitis, MRSA, and a whole slew of other things. She's still in ICU for what they believe is food poisoning. 

Please send all your prayers and good vibes her way so she has a speedy recovery!

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