Friday, August 10, 2012

The Curious Case of the Two Ryan's

The Olympics come to a close on Sunday night, and I think it's finally time we discuss what everyone has been talking about during these games....Ryan Hot-te...excuse me, Lochte. Now, in my mind there are two Ryan's:

1) The swimmer:

2) Giant d-bag:

I wish the two were mutually exclusive and I could just pick the swimmer at all times. Sadly, I get the vibe there is more giant d-bag than swimmer going on over here. 

I pretend that Ryan #2 does not exist. Ryan #1 would never say things like "Jeah!"(I'm sorry, was the 'y' key too far away for you?), or wear a grill, or go to the University of Florida (sorry Gator fans).  

How am I an expert on Ryan #2 you ask? I pretty much dated Ryan #2 types several times in college and partied with his type on Kingsley Court at good ole Illinois State. If he were there I can guarantee he would be in a baby pink polo shirt (collar popped, naturally), hair gelled to perfection, and some kind of ridiculous footwear. He'd also be an SAE, just sayin'. I'd also be the girl going "Oh, did you want another beer?" to which he would say "Jeah!". Sigh...silly college girl.

I know I'm not the only one that feels this way about Ryan, have you read the post by Erin Gloria Ryan on Jezebel? Priceless. The newly acquired medals will only add fuel to this ever growing blinged out fire. Rumor has it he's planning to go to Rio as well, which will only make the situation worse. Ugh, don't get me started on Rio...

Anyhow...the whole Lochte duo befuddles me. I am so distracted by this:

That I can somewhat overlook this:

I said somewhat! Those glasses are totally ridiculous. Am I the only one having this internal battle? Please tell me you struggle with the Lochte duo as well.


Tasha said...

Yep, sometimes I dream of being his towel and other times I want to kick him in his grill.

The Lane Family said...

Right there with you....!!!

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