Friday, August 10, 2012

Hide Yo Wife

On Wednesday, Scott had a potluck at work. I will say this, I am thankful I do not have to cook for nearly as many potlucks as I previously had to now that he is in this new position. I usually make dessert and decided to make my semi-homemade peanut butter swirl brownies. I even made them with a dark chocolate Ghiradelli brownie mix (heaven...seriously heaven).  

Apparently I was the only person that sent in a dessert to this potluck. My 9x13 pan of brownies were being rationed like it was the Great War or something. Compliments like, "I can see why you married her." and "Watch out or I'll steal her from you." were coming out of people's mouths over these brownies. All of this over a pan of semi-homemade brownies.

Here's why I find this funny enough to share with you...

When Scott and I first met and then when we first started dating I couldn't cook, like at all. I made poor over seasoned grilled chicken and macaroni and cheese (from a box). That's about it, nothing more, nothing less. When he signed on for this whole marriage thing, he thought that he would be doing the majority of the cooking, or he would starve. 

After we were married I don't know what happened but, voilĂ , I was a pretty decent cook. Now, suddenly, I'm the go-to for potlucks and people are asking me for recipes. To say Scott is stumped by this turn of events would be an understatement. 

*Me and my first turkey from Christmas this past year*

We always joke about how I couldn't cook at all in the beginning and how now nothing scares me in the kitchen (well, not nothing, cornish game hens still chap my hide).  Funny what a difference 9 years make. (Side note: I cannot believe we've known each other that long!).

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

This is great!!! I have a very similar story of when we first started dating / got married, too. My college roommate taught me how to make baked chicken and spaghetti...after that, I was done!

The worst was, one year for J's birthday, I asked if he liked goulash (his mother was Hungarian). He got so excited. I made the most disgusting dish I've ever eaten...I remember it used some kind of soup mix, if that tells you anything! He did something not very thoughtful that day, and ended up telling me how much he loved the dish. So, I made it again a few months later. "Why did you make this again?" he asked. HA! Serves him right for not telling the truth the first time!

But...I am very thankful for a hubby who eats all sorts of "mistakes" and any and all leftovers. It would definitely be hard to learn to cook with someone who wasn't so forgiving. :)

And...I'm determined to teach the girls to cook before they leave the house!!!

(BTW, love the title of this post, too...a throw-back to my home state of Alabama...HA!)

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