Saturday, October 6, 2012

Princess Half Marathon...The Trilogy

Yes, I'm running the princess half marathon for the 3rd time. I'm running with my sister Cathy again, as well as my niece Lorren and friend Michelle.

I have decided that I'm going to make this race my bitch (for lack of a better word). Please enjoy this song while I discuss the race and introduce the runners:

The 13.1 mile race on Sunday starts in EPCOT, goes through Magic Kingdom and then finishes in EPCOT. The course has not changed, which is an advantage for Cathy and I. Here is the course:

I can only hope that the great thong incident of 2012 does not repeat itself. I'm still trying to recover from that traumatic experience. 

Now onto the runners:

This is me and my sister Cathy (you may know her as Tay Tay) after the 2012 race. Cathy just started running last year and was the one to talk me into running again this year.

Fun Facts:

The race falls over her birthday weekend and should officially be renamed "Princess Cathy's Half Marathon".

She thinks Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove should be a princess option.

Princess: Cinderella, because she's as lovely as her name.

This is my niece Lorren, she's practically my sister. According to her: "I don't run".

Fun Facts:

We may lose her at Cinderella's Castle, that is her favorite place.

She likes to sing like Briar Rose in the forest and I fear she will do it during this race.

Princess: Aurora

This is my friend Michelle. I don't think she expected to be roped into running a half marathon when she asked me for running tips.

Fun Facts:

Prior to last week, she didn't run, but I have total faith that she is going to rock this race.

Her go to motto is: Live, Laugh, Love.

Princess: Belle

Finally, there's me. This is my third Princess Half Marathon.

Fun Facts:

I choose a different princess every race. My first race I was Cinderella and last year I was Rapunzel.

I run like a total a-hole, arms flailing and all, ask Cathy.

Princess: Merida

I'm excited to tackle this race again this year and rumor has it that since it's the 5th year the medal is going to be extra special. 

Countdown: 138 days and counting until we rock this b. 

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cat said...

That looks like a fun race

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