Friday, January 4, 2013

10 Years Later...

Yesterday marked an awesome anniversary in my life, it was the tenth anniversary of my first big move to Florida.

10 years ago I hopped on a plane and started the Disney College Program. It was my first big step alone in my life. I moved down myself and started a new life. Granted, Mom and Dad definitely came down and stocked the fridge a few times and helped a lot, but it was my first "real world" experience.

After I moved in and went through all of the orientations I met the training coordinator for the area I would be working in (Main Street Operations at the Magic Kingdom). Three years that than training coordinator would become my husband.

I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that it has been 10 years since I started this journey and since I've met Scott. I'm still convinced that 10 years ago was 1993, not 2003.

I am so thankful that I made the decision to come to Florida and that Scott crossed my path. What can I say, the mouse is a great matchmaker!

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