Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Today is pretty rough day. Today, my Grandma would have turned 96. These 15 days have flown by, that's for certain.

March 12, 1917, Harriet (Jadwiga on her baptismal certificate) Josephine Konkelowski was born to Stanley (Stanislaus) and Eleanor (Elenore) Konkelowski, Polish immigrants that settled in Chicago.

My Grandma had five sisters (yes, five):

She met my Grandfather Arthur and married him in 1937:

They were blessed with three kids, my Dad, my Aunt Eunice and my Aunt Betty Jean:

They were a fun loving family:

After my Grandfather passed away, my Grandma was lucky enough to meet my Grandpa Lee and married him:

I spent the majority of my childhood with them and was lucky enough to have a Grandma that made me pancakes, taught me to bake and was just plain awesome.

These past few years were rough, dementia took over and the woman I remembered was no longer there. Dementia is a cruel disease and I hate that she had to go through it. 

I miss her so much and know she's in a far better place.

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Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Happy happy birthday to a wonderful woman. My Nana died in January and her birthday was on Valentine's Day...tough, but I know she had a great life.

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