Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The One Where I Find Out I Have a Nonallergy to the Environment

We're going to file this under "My Life is a Sitcom" because honestly, it is. 

I've been congested for a while and finally went to the doctor to find out what in the world it is. In my mind (and maybe from researching WebMD) I definitely had hypothyroidism and maybe Lupus (both are genetic, so I'm not totally crazy).  I brought up my very logical concerns to the doctor, who then laughed, and asked if air conditioning worsens my condition. Well, yeah, I mean it's five million degrees outside and around mid to sub arctic when I go into the office, so yeah. What about spicy food? Well, it makes my nose run, that's normal, right? Right?!

"I know exactly what you have!" "You have nonallergic rhinitis. Basically, you have a nonallergy to the environment." "Say what now?"

A non allergy to the environment? What does that even mean?! I asked her how I could solve this problem and she told me there was no cure, unless the environment changes (remind me to start a letter writing campaign to Al Gore and his team).  I have to use a nasal spray every day for the rest of my life, well unless the environment changes.

So the nurse comes in to discharge me and starts laughing while reading the instructions. I'm glad she finds the humor and sheer ridiculousness that this entire situation had become. 

The laughing did not stop there. Oh no. I called Scott to tell him about this and he laughed. I called my parents and my Dad had to hand the phone off to my Mom because he was laughing so hard. My boss said I should live in a bubble (you know, like the Seinfeld episode) and my other boss said this would only happen to me. 'Tis true, only me.

In all honesty though, I truly believe the most random things happen to me and this only proves the theory.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to research bubbles.

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Anonymous said...

So when they told you what you had, did they have to spell it out for you?! I would have had ZERO idea.

Hopefully the letter to Al Gore is a success!

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