Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ding Dong

I've been swamped the past few days (hence the lack of blog posts).  Saturday we had graduation and it was the last one I worked with Leann. I am not ready for her to leave and wish she could stay forever, even if that meant locking her in a supply closet.

Completely unrelated side note, the kid behind us in the cap just interned on Shark Tank and will actually appear in one of the episodes. We are all pretty pumped about his experience.

Sunday was the last day for us to hang out with my brother and his family. We planned on renting boats and hanging on the lake, but the monsoon prevented us from doing that.

Instead, we had lunch at Whispering Canyon where Meghan polished off a GIANT glass of tea. Like a giant mason jar filled with tea.

I am so glad we were able to spend several days with my brother and his family. The kids had a fantastic time and Aaron even reminded us that the duck should, in fact, be in charge.

Sunday night I left for St. Petersburg to attend a conference. The conference was decent and I enjoyed myself. I even found the Book of Mormon in my room which immediately made me text my sister a photo of it with the caption "Ding Dong!" We reference the musical, Book of Mormon, a lot, so this was perfect.

So let's talk about this hotel for a minute. I stayed at the Renaissance Vinoy hotel. The hotel is gorgeous and very old school Florida. That being said, the hotel reminded me of Tower of Terror. I had a creepy feeling the entire time I was in there, to the point that I slept with my lights on. When I came home today I looked up the hotel and sure enough, it's haunted. I am so glad I didn't look into that while I was there, otherwise I would have checked out.

I would like to thank the spirits that haunt the Vinoy for not bothering me while I was there. It would have been ugly if you did. Ghosts are not my jam. Maybe the Book of Mormon protected me? Well ding dong.

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