Monday, September 16, 2013

Aw, You Missed Me!

If you have been reading my blog for any time, you know that I am very close to my parents. I talk to them on a daily basis, yes...daily. So while they were visiting my brother, I didn't call them, but my Mom and I would chat online every once and a while. Today, my Dad called me. I think he missed me. 

My Dad has always been my rock. He's helped me through some of the hardest and darkest days of my young adult life. When I broke off my engagement with my ex many moons ago, he was one of the main people that kept me sane (to the best of his abilities) and helped me through. 

When I've felt overwhelmed as a parent, he has been my voice of reason.

When I need to vent, he is my sounding board.

Finally, when I need someone to tell me that I'm right and that yes, sometimes people are just assholes, he is there to agree with me. 

Thanks, Dad, for being everything to me!

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