Thursday, October 3, 2013

Apparently I Look Like a Zombie When I'm Sick.

I have an awesome bacterial infection going on that is causing serious pressure in my sinuses, ears and also giving me a sexy Kathleen Turner rasp in my voice. I stayed home yesterday thinking I could totally sleep this off and down some antibiotics. I woke up this morning thinking I could totally handle 8-5 at work. Boom. Let's do this.

Sooooo I wasn't even at work 30 minutes and two people said I looked rough and should go home. Really? I thought I looked better today. Apparently today I looked like death and yesterday what? A zombie? Possibly. I was determined to charge on.

Then I ran upstairs to drop off some paperwork and after one look had someone tell me to go home. Yup...that settled it.

It was the best decision of my day though. I spent my afternoon snoozing on the couch, which is always a win for a bacterial infection.

Now, let's just hope this clears up before the race on Saturday.

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