Monday, October 7, 2013

Tower of Terror 10 Miler AKA Amanda's 4 Miler

The Tower of Terror Ten Miler was on Saturday. What happened to me on Wednesday? I came down with an awesome bacterial infection in my sinuses. I was bound and determined to make the run anyway. I figured I'd have a few days of antibiotics in me and I'd be golden. 

I grabbed my bib on Friday and was feeling nervous about the race. I'm was pretty nauseous from the antibiotics and not 100% yet, but I was still racing. 

We all suited up in our Wizard of Oz gear and headed for the corrals on Saturday night. The whole night race threw me off, but it was pretty awesome/spooky to run through the area in the dark.

The line up for the start was huge, but honestly, it moved so fast. I know when it was time for our corral we were all like "Whoa, wait, what?"

We started out pretty good. Michelle and Lorren took the lead and Cathy and I brought up the rear. I was doing okay at this point and at mile 2. Mile 3 hit and my stomach began to revolt against me, big time. I kept going and when I hit mile 4 I knew if I kept going I would lose my lunch, dinner and breakfast from the following day. I made the hardest decision of my running career and bowed out. I saw the van and said "please take me to the finish line."

I was so mad at myself for not making it the whole 10 miles when I busted my butt the entire summer for this race. I cannot even begin to tell you how many Saturdays I did not sleep in to run in the humid muggy Florida sun. 

Scott met me at the finish and told me he was proud of me. Then half of the security team was around me asking if I was alright. I looked like a criminal, honest to God. Scott told me after the fact that the runDisney people thought I was crazy for even attempting to run with a bacterial infection and that they would not even attempt it. That made me feel a little better.

I did get to see my three girls cross the finish line though and that was pretty fantastic.

The Ten Miler may have kicked my butt this year, but it won't slow me down. All it's doing is making me more determined to kick butt. 

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