Sunday, December 8, 2013

"Where are the balloons?"

Now that it is officially December, Christmas and all things related are in full swing around our house. That doesn't mean we are fully decorated yet, I mean let's be honest, I have a few more weeks. However, we are in the full swing of Christmas activities.

Before we headed over to the Christmas parade in our town, Michelle and I met up for a quick 5 mile run.

Never in my whole life would I have ever imagined I would be the person that is up for a morning run on a Saturday. I also never thought I would utter the phrase "quick 5 mile run."

I have to say though, the view makes it worth it (and having my buddy with me).

After our run we all met up again at the Christmas parade. The last time I took the kiddos to this they were only a few months old. It was still as crazy as I remember and I'm pretty sure I parked in the same exact parking spot (you know the one all the way across town).

Aaron loved all of the "emergency vehicles" (his words, not mine) and Jillian loved all the baton twirlers and dancers.
I had to laugh though because on the trek to the parade route, Jillian assured me she would not fall asleep before Santa (like she did while watching the Macy's parade) and asked where the balloon floats were. Apparently my daughter assumes all parades are the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Bubble bursted.

She did see the big guy though and he waved right at her which absolutely made her day.

Thank you to the Hall's for securing us some pretty great seats in the shade and thank you to everyone that participated in the parade!

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