Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Our New Year's Eve

I didn't really have big plans for New Year's Eve. Scott was called in to work sometime around 7:45 in the morning. He wasn't supposed to go in until 5:30 that night. Yes, he worked all night. He didn't arrive home until sometime around 4. To say it was a long day for him would be an understatement.

Anyway, we ended up meeting our friends Lily, Ben and Cameron at the park. We went to a park that was new to us and, I think, most of the kids had a fantastic time.

It's been a while since we all got together and it's hard to believe that these kiddos have known each other almost their entire life.

I think the sweetest part of all of it, is that they just seem to pick up right where they left off the last time they were together. I love it.

After the park we just hung out the rest of the night. The kiddos were definitely tired and Aaron went right to bed. Jillian was a different story.
I couldn't get Jillian to go to sleep to save my life. Thankfully, Tay Tay sent me a text that 'That's Entertainment!' was on TMC, so we switched that on for a while. We're actually finishing it right now.

We have a whole new list of musicals that she wants to watch including: Show Boat, Meet Me in Saint Louis, anything with Gene Kelly and Seven Hos for Seven Bros (as my sister calls it) and many more.

When this wasn't working, we piled into bed and watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Well, I slept and Jill watched the movie. I think she finally fell asleep around 11. By that time, Aaron had climbed in with us, too.

The only person that woke up when Scott climbed in around 4 was me. I was hoping we would all sleep in this morning, but Aaron and Jill were up around 7:15. It's going to be a long first day of the year, I think.

Wishing all of you a fantastic first day in the new year!

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