Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I saw the reminder just after 6 a.m. that tomorrow would have been my Grandma's 97th birthday.


She's been on my mind a lot the last few weeks. She passed away February 25, 2013. It's something I will always remember. Cathy, Lorren and I just finished the princess half marathon the day before and were enjoying the park with my Mom. The three of us just got off Malestrom in Norway and my Mom told us the news. We just stood there and cried.

I practically grew up in her house. My Grandma and Grandpa watched my when I was really little and I loved going to their house for sleep overs. I basically got away with murder each and every day in that house.

I also had pancakes in any shape I wanted. Grandma was famous for that. She could spell out your name or make a Mickey pancake for you. Whatever you wanted. Naturally, it was served up with bacon and coffee, with some ice cubes because it's hot.

I also remember lunches that were basically french fries, but I'm not totally sure my Mom knew about that...so...moving on...

I remember her teaching me to crochet (a skill I did not carry into adulthood) and cross stitch. We always did crafts together.

When I went away to college she wrote me letters. I still have some.

When I got married she bought me my Kitchen Aid. She's the only one I would have ever wanted to buy me that. I have so many memories baking with her.

This is when the memories faded, for her. I remember getting a call from the hospital and it was a nurse asking me to talk to my Grandma, she was confused. How they got my number, I have no idea.

Dementia and Alzheimer's was setting in. This was not the woman I remembered and it was hard to hear.

I miss her daily and cherish the memories.

Happy 97th Birthday, Grandma!

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Anonymous said...

My grandma passed away when I was in 6th grade and I was so hurt and confused, so I rationalized it by saying that God needed someone to teach all the Angels to dance.

Sounds like God needed someone to teach all the Angels to bake!

I betcha she had the bestest birthday cake of her life :)


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