Tuesday, May 27, 2014

8 years

I honestly cannot believe it has been 8 years since Scott and I said, "I do." It honestly seems like yesterday and there are so many memories from that day.

Here are some of my favorite memories from that day...

Before my Grandma Janes passed away, she made all of us girls hankies for our weddings. I carried mine with me down the aisle, wrapped around my bouquet. I also wore the same cross my Grandma Ruhling wore on her wedding day. I loved having both of them with me that day, even though only one could actually be with me.

I loved my moments before the ceremony getting ready with my girls and parents. We basically took over their hotel room. There were so many things that my parents probably should never have heard, but it was so much fun and definitely helped calm my nerves.

I don't have a photo of my next favorite moment...riding in the car with my Dad to the Floridian. I loved having that time with him. I'm pretty sure he asked me a dozen times if I was happy. 

I loved taking photos at the Grand Floridian. The reality of what was about to happen was sinking in and if you know me, you know I giggle when I'm nervous. So needless to say, the giggles and silliness was in full force for these photos. 

Doyle. I mean, is there anything else to say? When I was trying to figure out what to do with hair and makeup for the big day, I was beyond stressed out. I went home for my bridal shower and went to see Doyle to get ideas. I was in such good hands with him and knew I had to have him with me on my special day. Thank you, again, Doyle for making me and my girls beautiful!

The moment my Dad handed me over to Scott. I loved watching his face when he walked me down the aisle and the look on his face when he and my Mom walked out of the chapel. Proud is the right word to use. 

I wanted my Godmother to be a part of our wedding and I am so thankful she did one of our readings. This was the only moment in the entire ceremony I cried. Naturally, I laughed after, because after all, I am a nervous laugher. 

This. Just this. 

Our first dance was to Keith Urban's "Making Memories of Us." I honestly couldn't think of a better song.

The moment that Kristin told everyone about the infamous "Thirty-One Flavors" list. My Dad asked why he spent all of that money on my education. I still have no comment.

Dancing with my Dad to "The Way You Look Tonight."

This three layer masterpiece. Every layer was delicious. Every layer was magic. 

Carrying on this tradition. My Grandma made the apron for me and put the same number of babies on it that my Mom had. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read this article, it's explained at the bottom.

The Bob and Amanda dance off that resulted in the death of one alcoholic beverage. 

Exiting like a total boss. Scott had this idea and our wedding planner was shocked that nobody else had thought to do this. I will say, I am glad I was sober because I never would have made it on that boat otherwise.

I seriously cannot believe it has been 8 years. I love you more today than 8 years ago. We have been through so much and have grown so much. I cannot imagine my life any other way.

8th Anniversary from Amanda Nethero on Vimeo.

Love you, Scott!

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