Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ants, Jedi's and Mulch.

What a weekend, kids! Our weekend started early with a phone call from the school telling us that Jill found herself in a pile of red ants. The poor Jill has at least 10 bites on her hands. They didn't look too bad when we went to the doctor, but the next morning was a different story. Her hands were splotchy and swollen.

Today, thankfully, they were much better. I feel awful for her. I know how bad it hurts when a red ant bites you, I can't imagine ten on my hands.

The bonus of the whole experience was that I was able to do my grocery shopping on Friday night, you know when nobody is there. It was amazing.

Saturday we went to Star Wars Weekend. I know, I'm crazy. It was the first weekend of the event and it was packed. But, since Aaron is really into Star Wars right now, we thought it was worth it.

We didn't plan on actually riding any rides because of the crowds, but we were able to go on The Great Movie Ride (well, Jill and I), Muppets 3D (Aaron and Scott) and the Beauty and the Beast show. Why do we ride separate rides you ask? Aaron for the life of him will not go on The Great Movie Ride (maybe it's the Alien section?), so Jill and I always ride it together. It's a fun time for us, we get to ooh and ahh over the famous green muslin dress from Gone with the Wind in the lobby and talk about all of the movies playing in the cue line. I love these moments with her.

We did some of the Stars Wars things, too. On the way back from Muppets, Aaron was high-fived by Chewy. I think he almost died. Of course, we had to buy a light saber shortly after. Just call him Jedi Aaron. We also checked out some of the characters on the stage, but for the most part didn't venture too far into the Star Wars area. Maybe we will head back and go a little earlier to actually see more of the event.

Today I had every intention of deep cleaning the inside of the house, then I stepped outside. It was GORGEOUS outside! Translation: yard work. Scott and I headed to Lowe's, loaded up the back of the car with fresh mulch and some new plants. While he mowed the lawn, I dumped 10 bags (yes, 10 bags) of mulch in the flower beds and planted our new flowers. I was a hot stinky mess, but loved every second of it. Sometimes there is nothing better than stepping back and seeing all of your hard work.

I hope all of you had a great weekend as well!

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