Sunday, May 25, 2014

What My Family Ate For Dinner - Week 12

This week included a lot of leftovers. I feel like every meal we made gave us at least two nights worth of dinners (plus lunches!).

Here's what my family had for dinner this week:

Sunday, May 18: Greek Chicken with Greek seasoned veggies. Everything about this dish was delicious (please excuse my pizza plates).

The trick to this dish is to let the chicken marinade all day and when you make the veggies, add the zucchini at the last minute so it isn't a pile of mush.

Monday, May 19: We kept it simple and had turkey hot dogs. Actually, this was a request from Aaron.

Tuesday: May 20: We still had leftover hot dogs and the kiddos had a pizza party at religious education.

Wednesday, May 21: Aaron also requested tacos for the week, so I made ground turkey tacos. We've been eating out tacos this way for years and we all love it.

Thursday, May 22: Meatball stroganoff. This dish will give you leftovers for almost the entire week, I am not even kidding.

Friday, May 23: You guessed it, leftover meatball stroganoff.

Saturday, May 24: Scott and I were able to celebrate our anniversary a few days early, so we made reservations at Jiko in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It's one of our favorites. We first ate there on our third anniversary.

For appetizers, Scott had the wild boar tenderloin (ah-mazing) and I had the taste of Africa, which was a sampling of different dips/spreads and breads. For dinner, Scott had the filet with their mac and cheese and I had the monkfish. Holy crap was that monkfish delicious. For dessert, Scott had the lavender citrus creme brulee and I had the bread pudding.

Everything was so delicious!

I hope you enjoy all of these yummy recipes as much as we did!

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